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We’re a small independent consultancy in Australia, specialising in the field of workplace change, leadership learning and building better teams. We’ve a robust track record of more than 25 years designing and facilitating innovative workplace transformation, learning and improvement processes where leadership, organisational learning and culture change are keys to success.

As suggested by our name, our business is Change

We work with leaders and teams at all organisation levels to help build their leadership and team-working capabilities to work more effectively together, engage with and navigate constructively through change, build vibrant work cultures and flexible, high-performing teams.

Some of the hallmarks of our consulting work include participative, open and inclusive processes; concept-driven, robust tools and frameworks; down-to-earth content people can readily understand; collaboration, joint ownership and skills transfer as a fundamental strategy to strengthen the internal capacity of organisations to be self-reliant and manage their own destinies.

We advocate participative, team-based work, learning-centred leadership, empowered cultures and wellbeing at work with future-focus, shared visions, distributed leadership, dialogue and connectivity as keys to sustain change and create successful business futures.

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vibrant, healthy work cultures
and high performing teams
We think what sets successful organisations
apart from the rest is how well people
learn to lead and manage change.
Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Let us help you step towards the future you want to achieve

The Change Forum provides practical, down-to-earth learning programs, facilitation, coaching and consulting support for leaders and teams to manage change, participate productively in organisation renewal and build the conversational, relational and teamworking capabilities they need to create vibrant, supportive work cultures and high-performing teams. 

Our change-work centres on the close connection between change, leadership and learning and building the conversational, relational and team-working capabilities of leaders and teams.

In broad terms, our services include:

We can help you scope change, develop specifications, design processes and jointly plan strategies and learning programs to support your change initiative. 

Our Change clinics provide skills and support to help people understand the dynamics of change, engage with it more constructively and increase their level of personal 'change-ability'...

The capacity to initiate, lead and sustain change through learning is a major foundation for creating better workplaces. Our Learning to Lead Change clinic equips leaders with the tools to manage change for themselves...

Most change suffers ‘under-communication’. We help teams plan for the crucial communication events, engagement strategies and consultation issues around their change...

Shared vision plays a pivotal role in successful change processes. We facilitate various vision-setting interventions for different levels – mixed cross-organisation sections, senior management teams, individual work units or stakeholder groups...

Change happens first and foremost through conversations. Through our coaching clinics on Change Conversations, we help you to shape a shared vision, reduce resistance, gain commitment, share ideas, tackle problems and talk over strategies, goals and actions.

Change teams are the link between designing a change and implementing it. We help set up workplace change and improvement teams, get them started, then provide a series of learning modules to support them in their change work...

While resistance to change is natural, left unchecked for a prolonged period it can spread and infect others and become a big block to progress. Our clinic on Engaging with Change Resistance educates leaders on how to handle these difficult change moments better…

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