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Who is The Change Forum?

Coaching better Leaders, Building better Teams

We’re an independent change consultancy in Australia, with a focus on leadership capacity-building, creating more constructive work cultures and working better together in teams. We work internally with particular client organisations, coach individual leaders and also run regular rounds of public learning programs in regional Queensland centres and online. 

Our Services...

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The Change Forum provides practical, down-to-earth learning programs, facilitation, coaching and consulting support for leaders and teams to manage change, participate productively in organisation renewal and build the conversational, relational and teamworking capabilities they need to create vibrant, supportive work cultures and high-performing teams. 

Our change-work centres on the close connection between change, leadership and learning and building the conversational, relational and team-working capabilities of leaders and teams.

In broad terms, our services include:

  • Strategic Change Management

  • Workplace Culture Change

  • Developing Learning Organisations

  • Redesigning Work & Jobs

  • Team Formation & Team Building

  • Customised Learning Programs

  • Coaching Clinics & Forums

  • Building Leadership Capacity

  • Emotional Intelligence & Conversation Skills

  • Coaching Leaders

  • Conference Presenter & Facilitator

  • Creating Learning Resources

We work in collaborative learning partnerships with managers, senior executives, project groups and work-teams to:

Design creative change solutions that help strengthen organisational leadership capability and deepen learning capacity at organisational, team and individual levels
Develop participative processes that invite contribution, encourage buy-in and stimulate commitment — tailored to particular needs and workplace contexts
Transfer skills to leaders, change agents and work-teams to leverage learning capacity, improve self-management, self-awareness and working more effectively in teams
Customised learning guides, self-directed toolkits and handbooks that are practical, user-friendly, support shared understanding and extend learning at facilitated events

Change, Facilitation, Coaching & Consulting

Delivering creative change solutions since 1990

The Change Forum evolved from a transition to independent rather than internal consulting in 1990, after working on major public sector workplace reform projects in the late 80’s.

We’ve a robust track record of more than 25 years designing and facilitating innovative workplace transformation, learning and improvement processes where leadership, organisational learning and culture change are keys to success.

We work with leaders and teams at all organisation levels to help build their leadership and team capabilities to work more effectively together, engage with and navigate constructively through change, build healthy, vibrant work cultures and flexible, high-performing teams.

Some of the hallmarks of our consulting work include open and inclusive processes; robust, concept-driven tools and frameworks; down-to-earth content people can readily understand; collaboration, joint ownership and skills transfer as a fundamental strategy to strengthen the internal capacity of organisations to be self-reliant and manage their own destinies.

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We advocate participative, team-based work, learning-centred leadership, empowered cultures and wellbeing at work with future-focus, shared visions, distributed leadership, dialogue and connectivity as keys to sustain change and create successful business futures.

Bill Cropper


“When I look back on my many years as a consultant, facilitator and coach, I recognise that so much of what I’ve learned myself comes not just from my own practical experiences, but also, more importantly, from those I’ve worked with who’ve taught me so many valuable lessons about people, life and working well together…”

Hi! Bill Cropper here. I’m founder and principal of The Change Forum, creator and presenter of our programs, change consultant, facilitator, author, speaker and leadership coach. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you find our website and its resources useful. Please get in touch if there’s anything more you’d like to know or find out about…

As a bit of an introduction, I’ve been consulting around workplace change for more than 25 years and have accumulated a wealth of practical experience in strategic change management, organisational learning, leadership capacity-building, team development, culture renewal and group facilitation.

I work internally with organisations on change, culture renewal, team-working and leadership learning projects and, since the early 2000’s, I’ve been running regular public workshops around regional Queensland to foster leadership capacity-building around effective team-working, workplace wellbeing, emotional intelligence, conversational mastery, leadership, facilitation and culture change for managers, executives, team leaders and other professionals from wide-ranging backgrounds.

I’m keenly interested in the benefits of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and constructive conversations to create connective and compassionate workplaces, promote productive, open interchanges and facilitate personal growth and change mastery. These help to inform our Learning-Centred Leadership, Working Better Together and Executive Team Action Learning programs that are a regular feature of our in-house consulting activities.

I’m known for having a relaxed, down-to-earth, open style; comprehensive mastery of a wide range of facilitation tools, techniques and processes, and customarily work comfortably with people at all organisation levels – whether senior executives, operational managers, team leaders, outdoor workers or office staff. I’m also a prolific author of hands-on, user-friendly, practical toolkits, self-coaching guides and change manuals that are a feature of all learning programs we provide.

Developing leaders, energising teams, challenging the cultural status quo...

Change, facilitation, coaching and consulting services tailored for you

What people say...

Awesome workshop!  Do it. You will want to practise the things learnt in it and it will really benefit your workplace, home and in general.  Great personal resilience-building ideas for turning negative talk into positive and resisting stress. I really wished the workshop went over a couple of days instead of just for one. Thank you once again. I really enjoyed your workshop and hope we get to do more in the future with you with our department.

Stacey S, Team Leader,
Housing Services

An interesting, informative workshop that enabled us to stop, think and reassess our resilience levels in a safe, non-judgemental environment. New ideas are always helpful and this course provided up-to-date information in an easy-to-follow format to assist with building personal and team resilience.  The resources were good, especially the personal Resilience-Building ideas. I learned some new skills and feel more confident now to pass on resilience lessons to my team. It was a shame the workshop was for only one day.

Greg C, Manager,
Housing & Homelessness Services

Awesome workshop mate. A lot of useful reference points. It was informative with real, well-researched facts and information provided to support what was being taught clearly linked to our jobs and personal life situations. I was definitely engaged. It all made sense. I feel more capable and got a boost of confidence as well.

Les H,
Housing Services

Definitely worth coming along. A really good, engaging and very relevant workshop that placed a high value on building resilience as a core element to a healthy workplace, positive team culture and balanced healthy life. I appreciated new strategies around building and maintaining resilience for self and colleagues and the pocket guide is a terrific handbook to refer back to.

Centacare Brisbane
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