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How we can help in 2022

Scheduled Coaching Clinics for leaders and teams delivered in-person
on-location & live on-line

Building Better Teams

Tailored in-house programs to focus shared learning or help your team reenergise & reconnect


Personalised, one-on-one leadership coaching to target your issues & elevate leader capability

Selected Courses Online

Self-paced e-learning that brings some of our well-regarded programs direct to you! ...Coming soon

Workshops Live Online

A mix of delivery options

Workshops delivered Live & Online

While we always favour our regional 1 & 2-day in-person workshops, we also deliver live-online programs as a series of shorter web-sessions you can attend wherever you are...

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Leadership Coaching

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Building the conversational, relational and teamworking capabilities leaders need to create vibrant, supportive work cultures and high-performing teams

Covid Compliance
Covid Caution

What we're doing about Workshop Well-being

“Creating a safe learning environment“ acquired an extra meaning thanks to Covid-19. At The Change Forum, our top priority is everyone’s health and well-being, as it is for so many others around our global community.

Consulting & Coaching Services for Leadership & Change

As our name suggests, The Change Forum’s business is change.  We provide strategic consulting, coaching and facilitation support for organisations to renovate culture, build leadership capability, develop a more resilient, adaptable workforce and inspire more flexible, high-performing teams. We’ve a long history of designing and facilitating innovative workplace transformation, learning and improvement processes where leadership, organisational learning and culture change are keys to success.

Tailored & Scheduled Programs for Leaders & Teams

Working Better Together is our underlying goal… We tailor teambuilding and leadership programs to your organisation context, run scheduled in-person coaching clinics in selected regional centres and, from early 2021, we’ll also present a selection of our programs live online – so you can attend wherever you are. Our course offerings support anyone keen to improve their leadership and teamworking capabilities around relationships, conversations, workplace wellbeing, culture change, cohesion and coaching skills. If a more personalised approach is preferred, individual leadership coaching is also available.

Bill Cropper - The Change Forum
...a warm welcome!

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At the Change Forum, we believe learning is at the heart of successful change

Call us today to find out how we can help you start your journey...

Why Work With Us?

Coaching More Versatile Leaders

Promoting more self-aware, conversationally versatile, relationally attuned and facilitative leaders…

Creating More Constructive Cultures

Getting culture ‘right’ is critical for workplace wellbeing, sustainable results and long-term success…

Preparing People for Change

Preparing for change and supporting people through it are critical to  successful change implementation…

Building Better Teams

5 Keys to flebile, high-functioning teams: cohesion, commitment, collaboration, connectivity, conversations

Building leadership capacity & leveraging learning to inspire commitment & stimulate productivity are a vital concern for forward-thinking organisations

Leadership Action Learning

Managing emotions effectively at work can make or break any team. Successful leaders know self-awareness, mood management, empathy and mindful action are key to a healthy culture and resilient, happy teams

Workplace Wellbeing

Culture has a profound effect on business success: influencing performance, strategy, behaviours, communication, how you operate. The challenge is changing dislocated cultures more constructive....

Revitalising Culture

Working well together rarely comes naturally. It takes collective effort, commitment to resolving issues, agreeing operating principles, respectful and cohesive behaviours, and constructive conversations

Working Better Together

Coaching and Mentoring are powerful, personalised ways for leaders to focus outwards on learning, to build capability that's retained, acted on and applied.

Coaching & Mentoring

Constructive conversation is crucial to business success. It builds cooperation, collaboration, respect, averts conflict, improves service, inspires performance...

More skillful Conversations

Strategic change is consultative, starting with shaping shared visions, plans and processes people can sign on to, to carry change forward...

Leading through Change

How to facilitate, guide, support, motivate and coach others are some of the fundamental skills contemporary leaders need to learn

Effective Team Facilitation

5 Themes for Learning

Our programs and services fit into 5 main themes covering essential leadership, teamworking and culture change capabilities today’s leaders need to support vibrant, healthy work cultures and high-performing teams…

Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing

Emotional self-managementself-awareness and mindful action are essential capabilities for building healthy workplaces that support individual wellbeing and promote resilient, cohesive teams. We provide a range of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Wellbeing clinics for leaders, staff and teams,  including: Leading with Emotional Intelligence, EI at Work (for staff), Teaching with EI, Social Intelligence in Teams, Mindful Leadership in Action, Mindfulness at Work (for staff)Trauma 1st-Aid self-help clinics and Building Resilience at Work. Tailored clinics also available.

Conversational Mastery

Understanding how the way we communicate impacts everything we do at work, becoming more conversationally-aware and mastering a variety of tools to improve the conversations you have is a key skill for great leadership and high-functioning teams. Our long-running Dealing with Difficult Discussions program is regarded a valuable asset for leaders at all levels, along with our general Constructive Conversations clinic and more targetted programs including: Positive Performance Conversations (versions for leaders and staff), Defusing Difficult Encounters, Persuasive Conversations, and Building Conversational Confidence.

Culture & Change

Constructive, flexible work cultures are vital for motivating high performance, commitment and productivity while encouraging cohesion, resilience and adaptability.  As well as providing strategic consulting around change and culture, we provide programs that support leaders in: Learning to Lead Change, Creating Constructive Cultures, Preparing People for Change, Developing Shared Visions, Leading Learning Schools and Building Change Resilience at Work.  …(More on our Change Services)

Building Better Teams

With a background of over 25 years consulting around team formation and development, our Working Better Together framework provides a flexible series of modules that can be combined in different ways to target specific improvement areas or a range of topics that suit particular team needs. Publicly, we periodically offer stand-alone programs like Building Better Teams, Working as One Team, Building Respectful Workplaces, Socially Intelligent Teams. We also provide an extended in-house Leadership Team Action Learning program for senior and executive teams that combines team learning sessions with individual leadership coaching.

Leadership, Facilitation & Coaching

Leaders exert a profound impact on the performance, culture, values and emotional climate of the people around them. Building leadership capacity at all levels is a central concern for forward-thinking organisations – who understand that today’s leaders need to expand their traditional ‘positional’ roles to become networkers, mobilisers, facilitators, coaches, values-stewards and engagers – leveraging learning to challenge prevailing mental models, mobilise coalitions, develop shared solutions and visions and create a supportive environment which unleashes innovation and learning potential in others. In addition to personal mastery and wellbeing programs, our Learning to Lead series includes Launching Future Leaders, Leadership Action Learning, Essentials of Facilitation, Facilitating Effective Teams, Learning to be a Coaching Leader, Mentoring for Managers. We also regularly provide individual coaching around leadership and personal mastery.

We translate contemporary theory and complex concepts into tangible ideas people can grasp, and practical, down-to-earth tools and processes that can be readily applied to real-life situations at work

Down-to-earth, action-based learning that's practical, real and workplace relevant

High-quality learning programs designed to transfer skills and develop more self-aware, forward-thinking, compassionate leaders and more cohesive, connective, productive teams

We embrace open, collaborative processes that value learner participation, choice and self-responsibility consistent with learning organisation principles.

We employ a wide range of flexible learning strategies, robust concept-driven models and unifying frameworks to underpin our programs.

We bring a wealth of experience and proven capabilities designing, facilitating and implementing innovative workplace improvement processes over more than 25 years consulting around change, leadership and team-based work

Our programs and processes relate to real Australian workplaces, and employ action-learning principles that target real leadership, teamworking and service delivery challenges back-at-work. 

Up-to-date sound learning documented in our unique, user-friendly self-coaching guides, toolkits and workbooks supports ongoing learning and back-at-work action

Awesome workshop!  Do it. You will want to practise the things learnt in it and it will really benefit your workplace, home and in general.  Great personal resilience-building ideas for turning negative talk into positive and resisting stress. I really wished the workshop went over a couple of days instead of just for one. Thank you once again. I really enjoyed your workshop and hope we get to do more in the future with you with our department.

Stacey S, Team Leader,
Housing Services

An interesting, informative workshop that enabled us to stop, think and reassess our resilience levels in a safe, non-judgemental environment. New ideas are always helpful and this course provided up-to-date information in an easy-to-follow format to assist with building personal and team resilience.  The resources were good, especially the personal Resilience-Building ideas. I learned some new skills and feel more confident now to pass on resilience lessons to my team. It was a shame the workshop was for only one day.

Greg C, Manager,
Housing & Homelessness Services

Awesome workshop mate. A lot of useful reference points. It was informative with real, well-researched facts and information provided to support what was being taught clearly linked to our jobs and personal life situations. I was definitely engaged. It all made sense. I feel more capable and got a boost of confidence as well.

Les H,
Housing Services

Definitely worth coming along. A really good, engaging and very relevant workshop that placed a high value on building resilience as a core element to a healthy workplace, positive team culture and balanced healthy life. I appreciated new strategies around building and maintaining resilience for self and colleagues and the pocket guide is a terrific handbook to refer back to.

Centacare Brisbane

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The 3R’s of Resilience-Building

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